Help - Normal Mode

Normal Mode is used primarily while driving. A yellow star on the map indicates your current location, and it will "follow" you as you drive along. The map will also keep itself centered on your current location. The frequency with which your current location is updated, depends on the GPS polling interval set when the app was started.

If a Speed Trap, Fixed Camera, Roadblock, Crime Hotspot or Accident scrolls into the current viewport of the map, the app will warn you by playing an oinking sound.

To capture and share the location of a Speed Trap, Fixed Camera, Roadblock, Crime Hotspot or Accident, simply open the drawer, and click the appropriate button while driving through/past the Spot you want to share. As soon as you capture and share a Spot, a Tweet will be posted to the Pig Spotter Twitter feed, and the Spot will immediately become available to all other app users.

PLEASE NOTE: It might not be safe to add Spots while driving, as you could be distracted from paying full attention to the operation of your motor vehicle. The app also allows you to add Spots while not driving. This is what Add Mode is for.