Help - Add Mode

Add Mode is used primarily to capture and share the location of a Speed Trap, Fixed Camera, Roadblock, Crime Hotspot or Accident, while not driving. To access Add Mode, open the drawer and click the Add Mode button.

When the Add Mode page opens, it will initially center the map on your current location and your current location will be marked with a yellow star. You can move the map to any location on earth and add a Spot at any location on earth. The Spot will be added at the position of the yellow star. To change the location of the yellow star, long press on the map and the yellow star will move to whichever location you pressed. To add a Spot at the location of the yellow star, open the drawer and click the appropriate button. As soon as you capture and share a Spot in Add Mode, a Tweet will be posted to the Pig Spotter Twitter feed, and the Spot will immediately become available to all other app users.